Delta Region Volleyball

23 - 24 Delta Region - Club Application



Thank you for reaching out to start a new Delta Region Club program. When starting a club, please considering both male and female players in this process. You will want to read "Starting a Volleyball Program Guidebook" and the Delta Region Member Handbook prior to organizing your club. Note that this guidebook is simply a short collection of information to help get you started and can be found on the Delta Region website. For additional information and assistance with registration or forming your program, please contact the Delta Region Volleyball office and make sure to browse the USA Volleyball website:   


Starting a  Volleyball Program can be both a rewarding and a frustrating experience. The sources of the rewards are rather apparent – the opportunity to see people grow and develop, the excitement of athletic competition, and the joy of a job well done. The challenges, on the other hand, can mostly be avoided by careful preseason planning which must then be carried out throughout the entire year. The majority of the frustrations arise not out of the players or the coaches, but the administrative details.


This club application process will allow you to submit your club information to be considered for sanctioning. Before submitting the club application you must be a current regular USA Volleyball member, passed a background screening, take SafeSport training and agree to all USA Volleyball safety requirements.  


The club application must be approved prior to holding any tryouts or practices.


  1. There is no charge for creating a volleyball club in the Delta Region.
  2. Clubs must be located within the geographical boundaries of the region or in the region in which its club director resides.
  3. Each club may have only one club director.
  4. Once you decide to start a program, you (Club Director) must first join USA Volleyball through the Delta Region as a “Regular” member, complete a background screening, take SafeSport training and agree to all USA Volleyball safety requirements.
  5. Submit an online CLUB APPLICATION FORM
  6. Include the Club Name and Club Director name, membership number and contact information on the application form. If the Club address is different than the Club Director's, this information must also be included.
  7. Select a Club Administrator (this can be the club director) that can handle the day-to-day operations of the online member system. They also must join USA Volleyball/Delta Region, complete a background screening, take SafeSport training and agree to all USA Volleyball safety requirements.  If adding an additional Club Administrator, include their name, membership number and contact information on the CLUB APPLICATION FORM.
  8. All clubs are required to grant Club Admin access to the Delta Region staff to assist with the Club Team Rosters and Club Invites of Club Staff, Coaches and Athletes.
  9. All staff members must complete their USA Volleyball member registration, background screening (can take up to 2 weeks) and SafeSport training prior to holding tryouts or practices.
  10. No players are allowed to attend tryouts or practice without first becoming members of USA Volleyball.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to Region Services Manager Joanie Williams at